Lone Worker Online Course

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This course takes around 15 minutes to complete.

By completing this course, learners will be able to:-

  • State who is classed as a lone worker
  • Explain the potential risks of lone working
  • Understand the challenges faced by lone workers
  • Gain knowledge of relevant regulations, and industry standards for lone worker safety
  • Assess and minimise risks associated with working alone
  • Importance of self-care and self-awareness while working alone

Lone Worker Training Online

Our CPD accredited lone worker online training course is a crucial eLearning resource tailored to support individuals working alone, regardless of their location. This comprehensive course encompasses essential topics such as pre-planning, de-escalation techniques, identifying aggression cues, emergency response strategies, and self-care practices for both mental and physical well-being. Accessible from anywhere at any time, our online lone worker course ensures that individuals have the necessary tools and knowledge to stay safe and confident while working independently.

Why Choose Lone Worker Training from On Track Learning

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