You have two choices tonight for dinner...

A – You have a lovely meal with someone who likes to talk. They will happily tell you about themselves for the entire evening. They will show you interest if you ask about them, but otherwise you are best to keep quiet, because they ain’t hearing you. Its all about them them them…. Your most substantial input will be the money for the bill.

B – Or you can have the same meal with someone who is interested in what you want. They will take a genuine interest in you, what you like and dislike, what you need and want and why. They will share insight and experience if and when it helps the conversation, not leaving you to do all the talking. You will leave feeling the meal was worth every penny and just what you needed.
If you answered A, our sales development courses are not for you – we are all about helping people who work in sales to guide their customers to make informed buying decisions.

We have broken the process down too, to make sure you have a track to follow.

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Course List

27+ Courses

1. Find

  • Essential Selling Skills
  • Making Appointments
  • Selling At Exhibitions
  • Coping With Stress And Pressure
  • Outbound Telephone Skills

2. Meet

  • Rapport
  • B2B Sales
  • B2C Sales
  • Managing Distractions
  • Overcoming Obstacles

3. Learn

  • Questioning Skills​
  • Listening Skills​
  • Body Language​
  • Understanding Customer Types​
  • Fact Finding

4. Offer

  • Influencing Skills​
  • Presenting Solutions​
  • Cross and Upselling​
  • Ethical Selling​

5. Agree

  • Closing Sales​
  • Negotiating​
  • Acting Tactically, Thinking Strategically​

6. Deliver

  • Managing​ Expectations​
  • Dealing With Difficult Customers​
  • Creating Loyal Customers​
  • Managing Clients​

The Six Step Sales Approach

When we build Tailored Sales Programmes, we blend our online courses with digital / in person workshops and workplace activities. To help develop your people to increase sales we structure these programmes around our straight–forward, no-nonsense six-step approach aimed at developing your people to increase sales.

1. Find

Seeking prospective customers and potential buyers

2. Meet

Getting instant rapport and making the right impression

3. Learn

Understanding what the customer wants and needs

4. Offer

Provide them with a solution or product

5. Agree

Both parties accept the best outcome

6. Deliver

The product or service is provided as agreed

Our Learning Solutions

We find the needs of our clients often require one of three approaches:

Online Courses

Ready to go, fully administered learning platform of 150+ online courses that are built around stories to engage the learner.

Tailored Programmes

Includes all our online courses and adds an additional element of digital and in-person workshops to put the learning into practice.

Bespoke Solutions

Unique to your business, these courses take into account your internal systems, and processes and are entirely bespoke to you.

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