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Whilst queueing you get some good time to think and reflect.

It is a heaven sent break from the fast pace of modern life. You could be stood queueing or be on hold on the phone, but either way, you are queueing. Waiting. Thinking about what you might eat later or watch on TV. Whilst waiting you could have an omelette in front of the tv before the news comes on. Still waiting… what is taking so long… you shouldn’t even need to be getting in touch if they had done what you asked the first time… you haven’t even got any eggs, so now you also need to shop…COME ON… YOU DONT NEED THIS RIGHT NOW!

Queueing happens, we all know that. But poor service doesn’t need to be part of the frustration process. We have many ways to help your employees provide superb customer service.

We could even develop them to be so skilled that new and existing customers will be queueing up to talk to them, but for all the right reasons.

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Content ready to tailor

  • Achieving Consistency In Service
  • Active Listening
  • Commercial Awareness
  • Continuous Process Improvement
  • Customer Service Essentials
  • Difficult Conversations
  • Effective Communication
  • Empathy And Compassion
  • Extending Relationships
  • Handling Complaints
  • Increasing Standards Through Feedback
  • Negotiating And Influencing
  • Participating In Projects
  • Pitch, Pace And Tone
  • Positive Telephone Manner
  • Providing Solutions
  • Questioning Skills
  • Service Across Cultures
  • Service To Sales
  • Telephone Skills – Inbound
  • Telephone Skills – Outbound
  • Understanding Customer Types

Providing an "A Rated" Service

When we build Tailored Customer Service Programmes, we blend our online courses with digital / in person workshops and workplace activities. To help develop your people to delight your customers we structure these programmes around our straight–forward, no-nonsense four-step approach aimed at developing your people to increase customer satisfaction.

1. Acknowledge

Making sure customers have the confidence they are being looked after

2. Assist

Providing customers the help they want or need

3. Answer

Providing responses to customer enquiries or feedback

4. Advise

Proving insight into customer decisions or technical issues

Meeting customer expectations

Our four-step approach to helping your people delight your customers can be delivered at different levels, depending on your needs, to focus the development of your team on the right skills.

Our Learning Solutions

We find the needs of our clients often require one of three approaches:

Online Courses

Ready to go, fully administered learning platform of 150+ online courses that are built around stories to engage the learner.

Tailored Programmes

Includes all our online courses and adds an additional element of digital and in-person workshops to put the learning into practice.

Bespoke Solutions

Unique to your business, these courses take into account your internal systems, and processes and are entirely bespoke to you.

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