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We get to know your business and employees from the inside, out.

We follow a five step approach for all our learning, but this stands out most when we develop a bespoke requirement.

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Bespoke Courses

Our courses are built around stories and scenarios which makes the learning more digestible, memorable and, therefore, more likely to be applied.

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Custom Courses, truly unique to your business.


Our first step is to understand fully what your requirement is, always asking why, like an inquisitive toddler. We want to know where you are now and where you want it to be…and why. We work hard to understand what steps are required to get you from here to there… and why you need to take them in a certain way. Once we get the picture clear, we can move on to propose a solution.


Like an architect provides a blue-print for a building, we provide a solution to the requirement. Depending on the size and scale of the need, this could be a phase of learning needs analysis across an organisation or department to collect data to make a recommendation. Or we may be able to provide a proposal where you are clear on what you need…and why.


We now have our sleeves rolled up and are in the office creating learning. We grab our toolkit of accelerated learning techniques and bring the solution to life to work online, in person, or both. Like our catalogue of courses, our bespoke build takes account of learning styles and preferences, to ensure we cover all bases.


It is showtime! Colleagues get to learn and you get to start the process of change. We follow a five-step approach when it comes to introducing learning to learners:
Engage / Enthuse / Equip / Embed / Evaluate
By implementing these steps, learning is warmly received and understood. It lands well and gets used as it was designed to be, making the changes you described when we completed the Scope.


you won’t be surprised to know we follow the science and apply Kirkpatrick’s four levels of evaluation.

Did the person who was learning…

  1. Get what they thought they needed
  2. Remember the bits they needed to
  3. Use what they have learned at work
  4. Return the investment made in them by saving time or money, or increasing sales or service measures, for example:

Once we have measured the impact, we sit down with you and celebrate success, review the Scope, capture the lessons learned and decide what to do next.

Your course, your way.

Each programme is made up of a number of modules, and a module will typically include:

Online Courses

(Remote Learning)

Delivering the learning concepts via easy to follow sessions


(Online or In-Person)

Working together to move the learning into reality

Business Related

(Actions or Coaching)

Using the learning in a day to day work environment

These modules are then put together to form a programme, for example:

Working with you to generate the desired outcome.

Based on your people

Your courses will be based on people going about their daily lives.

Clear Outcomes

Your courses have clearly evaluated learning outcomes and contain a range of different media, including video and audio.

Real Scenarios

Your employees are faced with scenarios where they need to apply the learning in real situations, such as spotting modern slavery or avoiding a data breach.


Your employees will be asked to make decisions throughout to demonstrate they know what do and when to do it.

Engrained Knowlege

This makes the learning easy to apply and understand, creating greater recall and impact for your employees.

Start your learning journey today.

You can have your fully managed, easy to access platform packed with story based courses up and running in a matter of days.

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A learning platform that grows with you and your employees.

A Self-Hosted & Intuitive Platform

We host all our courses on an intuitive platform that works on any device. It sits behind the scenes, like all good tech should, and lets the learner get on with the learning they need to do. The last thing you want is your employees to get lost and frustrated in a clunky Learning Management System (LMS) before they have even started a course!

Bespoke Branding

It is unique to you too! You get your own branded platform with the full catalogue of courses ready and waiting. Not only that, but you can also host any existing and bespoke courses you have, your own policies and procedures, and even use the clever tech to collate data and support your onboarding processes.

Everything Taken Care Of

You don’t lift a finger. We manage your learning platform and support you and your employees to use it, by being your learning administrators. We add joiners and remove leavers, roll out courses to the people who need them, at the time you tell us they should have them. And at each step we let you know what is going on by providing all the reports you should need. Imagine, never having to sort a csv or excel spreadsheet two hours before a deadline or wondering who has done what, as the report you have appears to take two plus two and make five...

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The Benefits of our platform

We pride ourself on an added service approach.

Everyday we

  • Set up, block or delete users
  • Enrol the right people on the right courses
  • Respond to any user challenges or queries
  • Monitor the site to ensure it is functioning

Every week we

  • Provide you with whatever reporting it is you require
  • Review course evaluation feedback

Everyday month we

  • Deploy additional courses as requested by you
  • Launch more Personal Development courses in response to trending titles e.g. handwashing
  • Check in with you to ensure you are satisfied and take any requests for courses or development

Every week we

  • Ensure all your courses are up-to-date and re-launched as needed as part of the license fee

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