Our Approach

Reignite the love of learning.

At On Track Learning we believe everyone loves to learn, but are too often left disenchanted with off-the-shelf, out of context learning that has little or no relevance to their role. We see it as our mission to reignite and nurture that innate love of learning.

The first step we take with all work is to fully understand what the problem or need is, where it has come from and what has been done to try and address it. We then work with our clients to help solve their challenges through learning. We take pride in developing innovative solutions that save our clients time and money.

Our Learning Solutions

We find the needs of our clients often require one of three approaches:

Online Courses

Ready to go, fully administered learning platform of 150+ online courses that are built around stories to engage the learner.

Tailored Programmes

Includes all our online courses and adds an additional element of digital and in-person workshops to put the learning into practice.

Bespoke Solutions

Unique to your business, these courses take into account your internal systems, and processes and are entirely bespoke to you.

A growing catalogue of +160 online courses

Our online courses are built around stories and scenarios which makes the learning more digestible, memorable and, therefore, more likely to be applied.

Start your learning journey today.

You can have your fully managed, easy to access platform packed with story based courses up and running in a matter of days.

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Develop your leaders to succeed and bring the best out of themselves, their teams and your organisation.

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Courses built around stories, making the learning digestible and memorable.

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Personal Development

Developing your people to have the skills and confidence to grow and help your business thrive.

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A straight-forward, no-nonsense six-step approach to developing your people to increase sales.

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Customer Service

A straight-forward, no-nonsense four-step approach to developing your people to delight your customers.

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All our online courses tell a story...

Built with stories

Stories about people going about their day to day work is the best way to share knowledge with your employees.

Suitable for all

We use a range of media so that all our courses appeal to all learning styles and preferences.

A range of topics

We meet all your business needs with online courses on Leadership, Compliance, Personal Development, Sales and Customer Service.

Easily tailored

We love to enhance your learning by tweaking the courses to tell the stories your way.

Online and ready for you

We provide a brilliant mobile first learning platform with courses built and ready to use from day one.


We host all our courses on an intuitive platform that works on any device. It sits behind the scenes, like all good tech should, and lets the learner get on with the learning they need to do. The last thing you want is your employees to get lost and frustrated in a clunky Learning Management System (LMS) before they have even started a course!


It is unique to you too! You get your own branded platform with the full catalogue of courses ready and waiting. Not only that, but you can also host any existing and bespoke courses you have, your own policies and procedures, and even use the clever tech to collate data and support your onboarding processes.


You don’t lift a finger. We manage your learning platform and support you and your employees to use it, by being your learning administrators. We add joiners and remove leavers, roll out courses to the people who need them, at the time you tell us they should have them. And at each step we let you know what is going on by providing all the reports you should need. Imagine, never having to sort a csv or excel spreadsheet two hours before a deadline or wondering who has done what, as the report you have appears to take two plus two and make five…


You can have your fully managed, easy to access platform packed with story based courses up and running in a matter of days.

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Tailored Programmes

We recognise online learning isn’t the be all and end all. It is great to give people knowledge and understanding, but for skills that need to be applied and assessed, or for changes in behaviours and culture, online learning alone just isn’t enough. But it is a great place to start.

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The 3 elements of our tailored programmes...

Online Courses

Using the brilliant foundation of the learning platform, we are able to blend online courses with virtual and/or face-to-face workshops to take it to the next level. Getting the theory done and dusted is the first port of call.

In-person or virtual workshops

With knowledge onboard we then use the workshop event for all the action. Skills need to be demonstrated and a workshop is the best way to achieve this.

Business Related Actions

We then add in some action learning sets, work-based missions and coaching to move the new skills to the job. It’s like we are on Masterchef when we get blending, and the results are equally as delightful.

Your course, your way.

This blend of core elements, which we call a module, works best for Leadership, Sales and
Service, where people are working with people and using their skills. It is also vital for
Compliance skills such as First Aid, Moving and Hoisting and other hands on practices.

Our Tailored Programmes consist of one or more modules that are designed to use the method of delivery that is most appropriate for the content and that gets the best utilisation of the facilitator (ensuring they are cost effective). The online modules cover the knowledge and theory, the workshops ensure the learning can be applied and the workplace missions ensure the learning transfers to reality.

Our Tailored Programmes combine a number of blended modules together over a time period appropriate for the content, your learners and your organisation.

Bespoke Solutions

We get to know your business and employees from the inside, out. We follow a five step approach for all our learning, but this stands out most when we develop a bespoke requirement for your business.

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Working with you to generate the desired outcome.

We’d love to help solve your problems through learning.

We take pride in understanding your requirements and developing innovative solutions that have an impact and save you time and money.

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Step 01


Our first step is to understand fully what your requirement is, always asking why, like an inquisitive toddler. We want to know where you are now and where you want it to be… and why. We work hard to understand what steps are required to get you from here to there….and why you need to take them in a certain way. Once we get the picture clear, we can move on to propose a solution.

Step 02


Like an architect provides a blue-print for a building, we provide a solution to the requirement. Depending on the size and scale of the need, this could be a phase of learning needs analysis across an organisation or department to collect data to make a recommendation. Or we may be able to provide a proposal where you are clear on what you need…and why.

Step 03


We now have our sleeves rolled up and are in the office creating learning. We grab our toolkit of accelerated learning techniques and bring the solution to life to work online, in person, or both. Like our catalogue of courses, our bespoke build takes account of learning styles and preferences, to ensure we cover all bases.

Step 04


It is showtime! Colleagues get to learn and you get to start the process of change. We follow a five-step approach when it comes to introducing learning to learners:
Engage / Enthuse / Equip / Embed / Evaluate
By implementing these steps, learning is warmly received and understood. It lands well and gets used as it was designed to be, making the changes you described when we completed the Scope.

Step 05


Did the person who was learning…

  1. Get what they thought they needed
  2. Remember the bits they needed to
  3. Use what they have learned at work
  4. Return the investment made in them by saving time or money, or increasing sales or service measures, for example:

Once we have measured the impact, we sit down with you and celebrate success, review the Scope, capture the lessons learned and decide what to do next.

Measure your success!

As you would expect, we measure a number of key areas to ensure you're getting a return on investing in your employees.

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