Leadership Styles


Hello there and welcome to my Easy Three on Leadership Styles. There are tons of them, we we use six here at On Track learning but I know there are many organisations and companies that use a lot more. Here’s my Easy Three on Leadership Styles…

My first one is you don’t have to do a questionnaire to figure out what your style is. Consider situations and think, would I be more like this than that.

It’s quite straightforward, if you’re in the army and you need to be very directive, you could give that a name if you want it to, that’s because there’s command and control. Do you like to be more like that than you would to ask everybody what direction they would like to go in? That’s my first Easy on a Leadership Style. Think about yourself in different situations and think what’s your preference.

The second one is think about other leaders you’ve worked with who you’ve totally disliked and why. Typically they will apply only one style all of the time and that doesn’t always work, and again you don’t need to give the style a name you’ll probably know what you didn’t like about that style and then you need to think about yourself. Think what aspects of what they do, do I want to avoid?

So the first one is have a look at yourself, second one is consider what others do particularly who you didn’t like. 

My third of my easy three about Leadership Styles is, you need them all. There is not one style that works in every situation so don’t pigeonhole yourself as being an Authoritarian leader, a Democratic leader, whatever pigeon holes people want to put you in.

You will have a natural style which you’ll have developed if you listen to my first two Easy’s.

What you need to do is understand when you need to use a style which is out of your comfort zone. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use that, it means you probably should. So think about the styles that you struggle with the most. If it’s getting people involved, if it’s being very decisive and leading the way, and consider how you can develop those skills because that will widen your style of leadership.

My Easy Three on the complicated world of Leadership Styles.