Imagination Versus Reality

Imagination vs reality

This week, our Learning Director, Andy, explores the captivating interplay between imagination and visual portrayal in storytelling, drawing insightful parallels from his recent experience with Ian Rankin’s Rebus novels and their television adaptation. Join Andy as he delves into the dynamics of narrative immersion and the enduring power of crafted words over visual media:

I am often slow to box sets as I love a good book, but read so slowly I almost live every word and work too hard to picture what is happening. Due to this, I often see the first episode of a box set by accident and then come back to it a month later, at which point I have forgotten what happened! My book however, is almost a daily pick up.

So when I heard Vic and Alison talking about Rebus on TV, my interest was piqued as I was in the middle of reading The Falls, a Rebus book by Ian Rankin. And I am not sure it was a mistake or not, but I binged the entire series in one go as I had a Sunday afternoon to myself last weekend.

It was excellent. But……….

Imagination is a gift. It allows us to create our own version of events and characters, especially when an author describes two a character acts as opposed to what they necessarily look like. Weight, height, colour of hair and eyes are useful bits of information, but I would be amazed if two people using this information pictures the same person.

On reflection, that is why I am such a fan of story telling in learning. The facts remain the facts, but what makes it more interesting is the reality the learner creates around the facts, to make the story their own.

On picking up The Falls now, I see the Rebus from the TV. The reality has replaced the imaginary, and I think I am ok with that, but to a point. I now think I am reading about a TV series, rather than the other way around, but hats off to the casting as it is a close fit.

But if you really want to capture someone’s imagination, as opposed to entertain them, carefully crafted words trump pictures for me every time.

Long live imagination!