Goal Setting


Hello there and welcome to my Easy Three on Goal Setting.Now we use SMART like a lot of businesses do but SMART is five, and I’ve only got three so I’m going to distill some things down and make it a little bit simpler, hopefully so that anybody can apply it. 

So my Easy Three on Goal Setting is number one, only think two weeks in the future. You might have a longer term goal which is fine but if you think goal setting in two week increments. In two weeks from now what could you have done, that’s my first in my Easy Three on Goal Setting.

My Easy Number Two is how will you know you’ve done it? What will you measure? Will you be more of something? Less of something? Faster or slower? More accurate than?So, how will you know you’ve achieved it, is my Easy Number Two. 

My Easy Number Three is what’s going to stop you doing it starting today? And if you know what those things are, have a plan to defeat them.

In two weeks I want to be two pounds lighter when I stand on the scales, I need to stop eating those blooming crisps and chocolate biscuits that are in the cupboard! If that’s all you have to do, do that, measure it, set the plan, two weeks! Make it simple.

My Easy Three on Setting Goals – achieving them isn’t as easy, but stick at it, every two weeks you will see a difference. You will succeed!